David William Lee sees missed opportunity in organizations that fail to adapt and embrace change and has made it his purpose to help them achieve their full potential.

Wherever we look today in business – no matter the industry – organizations are realizing that the structures, values, and principles that once made them strong have become a liability.  The way they organized and led no longer works in today’s ever changing environment.

For the last twenty years, David has studied how organizations lead change and how those who adapt to complexity, volatility, and uncertainty to become responsive to change can gain a great competitive advantage.

As a global executive and Managing Director of MSS Business Transformation, David helps companies strategize, prepare, and lead change using agile and responsive principles.

Recent Speaking Engagements

Phoenix Council on Foreign Relations (June 2019)

Advanced Learning Institute, Change Management Conference (Nov. 2018)

Association of Financial Service Professionals (Sept. 2018)

Society for Human Resource Management of Arizona (Aug. 2018)


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Latest Articles

  • We asked [David] to facilitate a key program element for our annual management meeting. We referred to the program as “organized brainstorming” designed to encourage free thought that could jump start our company’s transformation. The challenge was managing this process in an orchestrated and effective manner, for over 70 people, in a half day format. [David] was thoughtful in their approach and pulled off the program in a manner that encouraged and allowed employees to become creative as they participated in visualizing our future. The excitement, engagement and buy-in for the up coming changes were byproducts after that! After consolidating the hundreds of ideas generated during that session, [David] then identified core areas where we could accelerate our transformation. It was an insightful and impactful experience. Thank you!
    – VP Human Resources, StateServ Medical

    [David was the MSSBTI Facilitator for this engagement]

    Strategic Facilitation