This article is published on the  website. David is Executive Director of the MSS Business Transformation Institute.

Something new is happening in sports and particularly basketball. I first noticed it when I had the chance to attend several pro basketball games for my business. One of the games I went to featured the Golden State Warriors who, if you know NBA basketball, are one of the more successful teams of late.

In 2013, the warriors had a mediocre record. In 2014, they hired Steve Kerr as their head coach and their winning percentage jumped to 85% (as of this writing) over two and a half seasons, they won one championship and lost another in the final game all while setting a number of winning records along the way.

Now, I do not follow the NBA closely, so I was not aware of their record setting play. Still, I felt that something was different about this team, and I decided to do a bit more digging. I learned that I was witnessing a true disruption in the sport. Read more

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