The black swan in the hurricane, a symbol of unpredictably amongst ordered chaos, represents the challenges that organizations  everywhere face every day.

From global companies to universities, not-for profits, NGO’s and governments they are struggling with the same issues.

As they grow and scale, the ideas, structures and process that led them to their initial success are no longer sufficient.  Complexity, volatility, unpredictability, and disruption stretch their operations, make strategic planning difficult if not impossible, test leadership capacity and lead to constant fire-fighting.

Through the application of the Complexity Lens, David helps organizations understand that the challenges they face are built into a traditional, scientific approach to business that is no longer cut out for today’s new, global reality.  David helps leaders see their business in a new way and adopt a new approach that prioritizes purpose, networks, emergence, adaptivity, intelligence, and transparency.

“David is an articulate and thoughtful proponent of change management; he is an excellent presenter and advocate for the businesses he represents; he thinks strategically and has a long term vision rather than being focused on short term expediency. Above all he relates to people and their concerns and anxieties over change and disruption to the normal pattern of business activity.”

CEO, Travel Company, Russia

From intimate leadership workshops to high-impact change initiatives, or internal conferences with hundreds of participants, David knows the right intervention methodologies and practical advisory approaches.

David has advised organizations from American Express, the University of Michigan, Maricopa Rio Salado College, County Tax Authority (Phoenix, AZ), Thunderbird/ASU, the City of Tacoma, and Sabre among others on how to successfully transform their business and navigate the new reality.

  • Through his position as Executive Director of the MSS Business Transformation Institute, David incorporates research, educational offering and thought leadership platforms to  advise businesses seeking to transform their organizations to meet their business goals. By sharing our collective strategies and concepts related to business transformation, our experts help business leaders identify, clarify and prioritize their specific transformational needs.
  • As a Prosci Certified Advanced Instructor, David enables your leaders, educates your managers, certifies your team members in world-class Change Management methodologies.
  • David provides the resources, connections, and methods to assist your organization’s in  International Business Development efforts from developing your international strategy to setting up operations, providing in-country contacts, sourcing translation services, setting up sales representation, and enabling other key activities for success. David’s experience  in global development includes work done with American Airlines, Hyatt, Caesars Entertainment, American Express, Cathay Pacific and dozens of other companies across 60+ countries.

“David Lee taught me innovation.  While at [client], he implemented a rigorous, organized, and adaptive innovation methodology and managed the change process to get it utilized. This approach is still being used to successfully launch new products today.”

– VP Marketing & Strategy 



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