Executive Position

Strategic Planning & Transformation

Lead strategic planning for the non-air (hotels, rental cars, cruise and tours group). Developed a new innovation call dynamic packaging and worked with teams at the online provider Travelocity to implement. Identified, performed due diligence, negotiated and implemented a $30 million technology acquisition. Led transformation of back office product group.  

Global Strategy & Innovation

Global Consulting Group: Selected as Principal Consultant to grow a fledgling consulting services organization to its full potential. Grew profitability 60% on a $10 million client portfolio consisting of top, multi-national clients including Intel, Microsoft, General Motors and Merck. Grew the “legacy” Airline Sourcing & Optimization practice line 60% – well above expectations- through service

Global Development & Transformation

Reporting to the CEO as VP Global Development, recruited to transform a complex business facing technological disruption, new competition, and rapidly declining profits. Collaborated with global leadership team to quickly and decisively diversify the client base, strategically eliminate unprofitable partnerships, transform under performing franchises, launch new product lines and develop a vision for use of