LEE_12A(1)BWDavid is an engaging public speaker and professional facilitator. 

David has delivered corporate workshops on facilitating Innovation with the University of Michigan, American Express, DHL, and Rio Salado College. David has also taught college level courses in Global Management, Innovation, and Business Planning.

“David is a knowledgeable industry expert, strong strategic thinker and a polished communicator. “

– General Manager, Asia Pacific at American Express

David can develop topics to fit your needs. Some of his prepared topics include:

Applying the Complexity Lens

Leadership through the Complexity Lens: As the world gets more volatile and uncertain, managing complexity becomes the biggest unmet challenge of modern business. David provides the approach and practical application to make this transformation from his real world experiences managing global organizations. This topic is approved for 1.25 SHRM PDC’s and 1.25 HRCI Business recertification credits.

Change & the Pizza Principle: David provides a fun approach to understanding the principles of how to manage change in a complex environment using pizza cooking as simple metaphor.

Innovation in the New Reality: From his real world experience managing Innovation for a Fortune 50 company (and consulting with many others), David discusses how to structure innovation to thrive in disruptive, complex environments.

Ensembling: The Art of High Performance Teams: David utilize current cases and discusses innovative methodologies to developing adaptive, high performance teams and organizations in the new age of growing complexity and uncertainty.

Why Band Kids Get It: David utilizes the concept of marching bands to explain the how to prepare for managing complexity in the New Reality. This fun and simple metaphor makes a big point about preparing success in the coming years.

International Business Topics

Entering International Markets with Minimum Risk: David draws from his global experience in American Express and Discover the World Marketing to articulate strategies  risk in international ventures. This is a consultative program designed for senior leaders.

The Real World of International Business: David uses entertaining stories to highlight the joy, challenges and dangers of conducting international business. Examples are taken from his own experiences and those of his associates who have touched every corner of the world. Warning: Stories are not politcally correct so may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Workshops and Facilitations


ASAPTM Innovation Workshop: This workshop Powered by MSSBTI and FarSightTM uses proven methodologies to develop prioritized innovative opportunities and gain immediate consensus on a go forward strategy. It can be delivered at the executive or work group level. (customizable, minimum 1/2 day)

ASAPTM High Performance Team Development Workshop: This workshop powered by MSSBTI and utilizing sociomapping techniques is a unique method which facilitates high performing teams and organizations. Utilizing 3-D imagining and a proven methodology, it simplifies complex relationship dynamics into an easy-to-grasp display.  As a result teams uncover challenges and opportunities and promptly develop plans to improve.

Negotiation & Culture: Presentation and workshop on the adventurous world of international negotiations from protocols and potential sinkholes across different cultures to gambits and counter moves to approaches for preparing for successful results.

Developing a Customer Worldview: David provides key methods and examples on how successful organization goes beyond good customer service to establishing a world-class customer centric strategy.

Recent Engagements

  • QED & YPO, Prague: Utilizing Complexity to Your Advantage
  • Society for Human Resource Management: Utilizing Complexity to Your Advantage
  • MSS Executive Series: Utilizing Complexity to Your Advantage
  • MSS Executive Series: Developing a Customer World View
  • The Greater Phoenix Economic Council: Creating Innovation
  • Global GSA Conference Las Vegas: Global Travel Trends
  • World Aviation Conference in Antwerp: Disruptive Innovation
  • China Business Travel Forum: Global Travel Trends 

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