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David has delivered speaking engagements, workshops and facilitation programs to organizations around the world in the areas of Responsive business transformation, change management, innovation, strategy and international business development.

“We asked [David] to facilitate a key program element for our annual management meeting. We referred to the program as “organized brainstorming” designed to encourage free thought that could jump start our company’s transformation. The challenge was managing this process in an orchestrated and effective manner, for over 70 people, in a half day format. [David] was thoughtful in their approach and pulled off the program in a manner that encouraged and allowed employees to become creative as they participated in visualizing our future. The excitement, engagement and buy-in for the up coming changes were byproducts after that! After consolidating the hundreds of ideas generated during that session, [David] then identified core areas where we could accelerate our transformation. It was an insightful and impactful experience. Thank you!”
                                                                                – VP Human Resources, StateServ Medical 




Creating a Responsive Organization: As the world gets more volatile and uncertain, managing complexity becomes the biggest unmet challenge of modern business. David provides the approach and practical application to make this transformation from his real world experiences managing global organizations. This topic is approved for 1.25 SHRM PDC’s and 1.25 HRCI Business re-certification credits.

Related Short Programs Include: 

  • Change & the Pizza Principle: David provides a fun approach to understanding the principles of how to manage change in a complex environment using pizza cooking as simple metaphor. This program can be a 20 min presentation or custom workshop.
  • Mature Innovation: From his real world experience managing Innovation for a Fortune 50 company (and consulting with many others), David discusses how to structure innovation to thrive in disruptive, complex environments.
  • Creating a Customer World View: Consider that 74% of CEOs claim to be implementing a customer centric strategy in the next 2 years. The program is designed to help get organizations off the block and rapidly develop their approach for a customer centric strategy. This program can be a 30 min presentation or custom workshop.
  • Ensembling: The Art of High Performance Teams: David utilize current cases and discusses innovative methodologies to developing adaptive, high performance teams and organizations in the new age of growing complexity and uncertainty. This is a 20 minute presentation but can be tied to the High Performance Team Development Program (see below)
  • Why Band Kids Get It: David utilizes the concept of marching bands to explain the how to prepare for managing complexity in the New Reality. This fun and simple metaphor makes a big point about preparing success in the coming years. 20 minute presentation.

Prosci® Change Management Training and Certification: It’s a fact that 70% of all change efforts fail to meet their objectives. However, of organizations that apply effective Change Management, 94% meet or exceed their objectives. Excellent Change Management makes a project nearly 5x as likely to come in on schedule and twice as likely to come in under or at budget. Moreover, Change Management is proven to:

  • Increase probability of project success
  • Manage employee resistance to change
  • Build change competency in the organization

David is a Certified Advanced Practitioner and Trainer in the Prosci® method. David can deliver any of the Prosci® programs including the Change Practitioner Certification Course.  See more about these programs at the MSSBTI website 

“The Prosci training made an impression on the IT management team members who took it in Dec 2016 and others who took it in April 2017.  They continue to have an appreciation for how managing the people side of change can contribute to the success of projects and other initiatives. I think we’re on our way to maturing our OCM practices. Without your training, this would not have happened.”

-Director, Information Technology, City of Tacoma 


High Performance Team Development:  HPTD powered by Sociomapping is one of the most unique and engaging tools available for building high performance teams and organizations. One of the few globally certified in this technique, David uses a 3D relational mapping tool to interpret the quality of communication, collaboration, and connectivity between team members. This approach has been utilized by NATO Special Forces, the European Space Administration, Dell Computer, T-Mobile, Raiffeisenbank, Home Credit International, and more.

  • Helps to rapidly identify teamwork problems
  • Focuses on critical success factors of cooperation.
  • Locates the sources of inefficiencies in the team.
  • Integrates subjective perspectives and thus enables the discussion of difficult topics in a workshop
  • Includes all team members in the project which creates involvement and buy-in
  • Gives specific hints for improvement of teamwork
  • Provides team leaders with evidence to make sound decisions
  • Tracks changes in time allowing the team leader to monitor team development and anticipate evolving team challenges.

Demonstration Videos

What is High Performance?


Where Lie Between Order & Disorder


Clips from Creating a Customer World View


Past Speaking /Facilitation Engagements

  • Advanced Learning Institute Change Management Conference, Chicago: Responsive Change Management, Chicago, Il (Nov 2018)
  • Association of Financial Service Professionals: Creating a Responsive Organization (Sept 2018)
  • Society for Human Resource Management of Arizona: Creating a Responsive Organization (Aug 2018)
  • Responsive Phoenix: What is a Responsive Organization
  • MSS Executive Workshops: High Performance Team Development (webinar)
  • Vistage Guest Speaker: Creating Responsive Organization
  • Maricopa Community Colleges: Change Management Certification Workshop, 2018
  • StateServ Medical: Strategic Transformation Brainstorming
  • Thunderbird Independent Alumni Association: Responsive Leadership (webinar)
  • MSS Business Transformation Institute: Responsive Leadership
  • Maricopa Community Colleges: High Performance Team Development (program)
  • MSS Business Transformation Institute: M&A Integration, Facilitator
  • Maricopa Communitiy Colleges: Change Management  Certification Workshop
  • City of Tacoma: Change Management Certification Workshop, 2017
  • QED & YPO, Prague: Responsive Transformation
  • Society for Human Resource Management: Responsive Leadership
  • MSS Executive Series: Responsive Leadership (as Navigating Complexity)
  • MSS Executive Series: Developing a Customer World View
  • The Greater Phoenix Economic Council: Mature Innovation
  • World Aviation Conference, Antwerp: Disruptive Innovation
  • Global GSA Conference, Las Vegas: Global Travel Trends
  • China Business Travel Forum, Shanghai: Global Travel Trends